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......I would just like to thank you for all your help and co-operation with the planning of our conservatory.....The whole project was a delight to build and we are totally thrilled with the end result.....

M Clark, Clacton.

Just a quick note to say the conservatory was of excellent quality and the installation went perfect with the help of the installation guide which was very easy to understand. Myself and the wife are very pleased with it, so would just like to thank you for your excellent service......

Malcolm M Birmingham

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It is heart warming when discussing how our customers have fared with their Diy Upvc Conservatory build projects . There is an enormous sense of pride and fulfilment conveyed in their achievement .There is also pleasure in the fact that they have saved a lot of money and completed their project with the minimum of fuss and complications. Finally there is also an overwhelming belief in the fact that  they have made the right choice and that what they have bought is way beyond expectations in terms of quality and construction.
There is a perception when first looking at the diy upvc conservatory and steel base  as a viable option that this is a compromise in quality compared to ‘ getting a company in ‘ – This is definitely not the case, and in many cases the opposite because the companies we use are very large and produce their products with state of the art machinery to high set standards , unlike small independent manufacturers often used by local supply and fit companies. Our companies also have strict procedures when designing and perfecting products to make sure they will stand the test of time such as the BBA certificate on our steel bases.

The main complaint against local supply and build companies is that they have racked up the price and oversold the quality of what they supply – an issue with some online retailers as well unfortunately ! – So diy is often the only route for many of our customers to get the extra space quickly and at a price they can afford.

Lastly and probably the biggest factor stopping progress is our customer’s belief that the project is beyond their capabilities. It is always possible to re- ignite their enthusiasm by getting them to watch our installation videos and speak to customers who have successfully completed their projects , often with limited diy experience. It is a very rare occurrence to speak to a customer who has not had a positive experience if they follow the instructions and are careful to take advice from us or our building experts when not sure of what to do . We often ask for photos of a customers house and extra measurements to make sure the construction and fit is correct, which cuts out fitting complications or the need to adapt the conservatory or base on site. Our suppliers also provide full plans and details for customers to confirm with our help before they manufacture anything.

Guarantees are another area of confusion often brought up by supply and fit companies. It is often stated by them that the guarantee is not valid if you fit your own ie it is better to have a local company guarantee where they service any complaints if there is a problem. It is a nonsense as our suppliers are experienced in the diy market and have provided guarantees that are relevant to that type of product. If the product is designed to be easy to fit  - such as windows that are ready glazed - and is fitted correctly then there are very few issues that crop up in my experience with our customers beyond the initial fit . If there is an issue with anything that we supply our suppliers are quick to rectify or replace those items on site with their own staff if necessary.