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......I would just like to thank you for all your help and co-operation with the planning of our conservatory.....The whole project was a delight to build and we are totally thrilled with the end result.....

M Clark, Clacton.

Just a quick note to say the conservatory was of excellent quality and the installation went perfect with the help of the installation guide which was very easy to understand. Myself and the wife are very pleased with it, so would just like to thank you for your excellent service......

Malcolm M Birmingham

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When the weather gets tuff Instabuild and Durabase steel bases get going

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Is there a season for fitting your diy upvc conservatory ? In my view there has historically been a reduction in interest and desire to proceed with that conservatory project when the weather turns in or is close at hand through November to February. A major factor being 3-4 weeks of continuous mess transferring to the nice neat mature garden and your tidy kitchen taken over by mud caked sweaty builders ( steady ladies ! ).

A major problem in extreme weather  with conventional builds is freezing weather or rain stopping the bricklayer in his tracks. I think it is always prudent to plan ahead for that conservatory fit if this bad weather window is an unacceptable inconvenience, or saving a little more money means you get better low energy glazing or a glass roof instead of polycarbonate.

But there is a solution to making that project happen for those who need action and space as soon as possible :

Instabuild or Durabase steel base and modular wall systems help to extend the fitting season throughout the year - even between Christmas and New Year - A great opportunity to burn off those calories diy  ladies and gents!

Durabase steel bases require only a limited amount of weather affected work both in material handling and man hours. A typical base fit is 1 - 2 days including concrete cast padstones . The concrete can be treated to withstand very low temperatures when laid to form a solid support or made to set quickly with additives to allow the steel frame building part to start the same day. 

Durabase and Instabuild  modular walls are the perfect solution for bad weather days ( assuming there is a short gap in the bad weather for sealing the joints etc ) . Walls are delivered in easily handleable sizes to quickly get you to the conservatory building stage and becoming watertight. Pointing up the joints between the real brick slips where wall sections are connected requires good conditions but will not stop the finishing of the conservatory fit because the walls will still be watertight.

So why not take a closer look at Instabuild and Durabase and make that diy upvc conservatory project happen whenever you need it  - not next year