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News item 54 - 12 Good Reasons to Specify PVC Products

The British Plastics Federation has provided here a no nonsense guide to PVC plastics use and benefits for enviromental and commercial reasons.

What is PVC?

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride but is often referred to just as “vinyl” (as in vinyl records or vinyl flooring).

PVC is a thermoplastic which means it can be re - melted and is therefore recyclable. Unlike the other thermoplastics which are entirely derived from oil, PVC is made from 57% salt which gives it some unique technical properties and helps it to deliver unbeatable value.

Lingering negative perceptions about PVC are based more on ignorant prejudice than sound scientific facts.

Full Life cycle assessments (LCAs) demonstrate PVC’s advantages versus alternative materials based on real sustainability criteria.

This presentation provides 12 good reasons why PVC is hard to beat as a resource efficient material when its credentials are fairly evaluated

1. PVC is safe PVC is one of only a few materials trusted and approved for use for the storage of live human blood cells. PVC has extensive European food contact and medical 

2. PVC is versatile and durable Pvc is easy to process into a wide range of articles light tough and long lasting - it is ideal for construction applications But with high clarity and excellent organoleptic properties (no transfer of taint to food) it is equally suited for use in short - term applications such as specialised packaging. 

3. PVC preserves fossil fuels Made of 57% common salt and only 43% oil, it takes less non renewable fossil fuel to make PVC than any other commodity plastic. 

4. PVC uses less primary energy Pvc consumes less primary energy in its production than any other commodity plastics 

5. PVC has a relatively small carbon footprint Look at the C02 impact equivalents for producing1kg of PVC compared to producing 1kg of other products: Lamb - 14kg : Aluminium - 10kg : Cheese - 11kg : Pvc - 1.9kg 

6. PVC delivers better value The superior cost to performance ratio offered by PVC was demonstrated when Brighton & Hove Council estimated what using alternatives to PVC windows would cost. 8.5 million added to their 5 year housing programme Over 30 million added to their housing business plan over 30 years 

7. PVC saves more energy PVC based window profiles account for over 75% of BFRC 'A' rated energy efficient windows. 

8. PVC performs well in LCA studies A major revision of the BRE ( Building Research Establishment) Green Guide was undertaken in 2008 which led to: 'A' rating for domestic windows 'A+' rating for commercial windows and 'A' ratings for a range of vinyl (PVC) floorings 'A+' and 'A' ratings for a number of vinyl (pvc) roofing membranes 

9. PVC is fully recyclable PVC reprocesses well and offers an even smaller carbon footprint once recycled into second ( or third life ) applications. Over 300,000 tonnes of post consumer PVC are already being recycled across Europe each year. By 2020 over 800,000 tonnes of PVC will be recycled annually 

10. PVC keeps its promises A sustainable European PVC recycling system was established Heavy metal additives were phased out Vinyl2010 was recognised by the United Nations Commission for Sustainable Developement 

11. PVC industry is forward thinking A progressive new industry sustainability programme called VinylPlus has beeen established with a number of objectives to look into: Sustainable use of additives Sustainable energy and climate stability Conrolled- loop management Oganochlorine emissions 

12. PVC jumped the 2012 London Olympics hurdle There are cases where , for health and safety reasons , the only solution is a PVC based material ( London 2012 Learning Legacy Document) 142000 M2 of PVC fabric used 63000 M2 of PVC Flooring used Pvc cables, Pipes, Seating, Barriers and Sports equipment So based on these bullet points this is a good reason to use PVC as a first choice for your build project.

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