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Diy Conservatory News 70 - Another prefabricated house extension completed

UltraRoof380 , the ultra quick professional fitters and diy'ers choice, if your conservatory is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. An internally vaulted, lightweight tiled solid roof system with Ultraframes build quality and know how.

Diy Conservatory News 69- Ultraframe UltraRoof 380 tiled conservatory roof launch

UltraRoof380 , the ultra quick professional fitters and diy'ers choice, if your conservatory is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. An internally vaulted, lightweight tiled solid roof system with Ultraframes build quality and know how.

Diy Conservatory News 68 - A recent close to completion home extension build

The pride is plain to see when our customers achieve this combination of affordability and a quality build. Even better when there home extension is prefabricated and delivered to site with all they need to complete their build placed before them.

Diy Conservatory News 67 - Veka Halo / Synseal Global porches success

Our Veka Halo and Synseal Global roofed diy upvc porch range has been a great success and has generated excellent feedback from our customers.

Diy Conservatory News 66- Glass or tiled roofs? which is best

If you truly want to create an all year round useable space our lightweight tiled roof alternatives are a much better permanent solution compared to glass. We can of course provide a number of Low Emission glass roof alternatives if it is the only option for you.

Diy Conservatory News 65 - Eurocell's new Skypod rooflight and lantern launch

Skypod is a revolutionary ceiling lantern or skylight solution that will to brighten up your home and open up your living space

Diy Conservatory News 64 - UltraSky rooflights and orangery lanterns launch

Installed on a new build extension, Orangery, or inserted into an existing flat roof, an UltraSky rooflight or lantern will help you add the feeling of space and natural light to your home interior.

Diy Conservatory News 63 - Triple glazing upvc window options

Triple Glazing boasts excellent energy efficiency – with appropriate argon-filled triple glazed sealed unit, Matrix 70 energy saving windows can achieve incredible whole window U-values as low as 0.8!

Diy Conservatory News 62 - Prefabricated house extensions add value to your home

Whilst I could come up with figures for the various types of extension and the value they might add I can safely say that value to most people is in what they are gaining with that extra space

Diy Conservatory News 61 - the best prefabricated brick faced extension kit available today?

We are proud to have seen various of our extension kits installed recently both quickly and efficiently and complete with building regs approval through our recommended private consultant scheme.

Diy Conservatory News 60 - Ultraframe LivinROOF a new concept in solid roof design

LivinROOF is the first roofing system designed to give you the flexibility to combine solid and glazed roofing seamlessly in a number of combinations.

Diy Conservatory News 59 - Our Synseal diy porch range introduction

We have an exciting comprehensive range of Synseal Synerjy framed and Global Roofed Diy Porch Kits starting from less than £900.00

Diy Conservatory News 58 - DCS6000 lightweight orangery flat roof and lantern system

DCS600 orangery spaceframe lightweigt flat roof and lantern roof structure is now available with easyfit features and competative prices

Diy Conservatory News 57 - Creating the most energy efficient conservatory

It is a regular daily question from customers as to how to make their conservatory more energy efficient by being warmer in the winter and conversely cooler in the summer.

Diy Conservatory News 56 - Part L building regs postponement - good news?

The government has postponed the expected changes to Part L of the Building Regs stating that they were ‘inconsistent with recent reforms to permitted development rights under the planning system and ‘likely to impose additional costs on hard working families trying to improve their homes’.

Diy Conservatory News 55 - Ultraframe realROOF tiled conservatory roof

Combining the very best aspects of British design and engineering realROOF is an exciting alternative roofing system that redefines the way lightweight tiled roofs are built. Externally or internally you’ll soon realise that you are observing superb design with superior crafting.

Diy Conservatory News 54 - 12 good reasons for using PVC products

The British Plastics Federation has provided here a no nonsense guide to PVC plastics use and benefits for enviromental and commercial reasons.

Diy Conservatory News 53 - K2's new Capella orangery internal boxed in soffit option

K2 have updated the Capella orangery system to now include a boxed-in internal soffit option which puts it more into Ultraframes Livin Room lightweight orangery roof territory. It is in our view a good budget alternative to Ultraframe.

Diy Conservatory News 52 - Planning rule update for larger extensions

Having a good relationship with your neighbours can bring big benefits if you are considering a larger extension, orangery or conservatory under new rules introduced recently to speed up and simplify planning applications. An added benefit is that this fastrack application process is now also free!

Diy Conservatory News 51 - Naomi Hall and Fae Win Novice Cup Agility Event At Crufts 2014

Just a short moment away from matters conservatory and orangery to congratulate our daughter Naomi Hall ( I am the boss so not much chance of stopping me ! ) for her win with Fae in agility and her over all 2nd place performance at Crufts.

Diy Conservatory News 50 - Ultraframe Loggia Prestige Orangeries

Now its even simpler to upgrade from a standard diy upvc conservatory to an orangery with the launch of Loggia Prestige from Ultraframe. Loggia Prestige is an elegant and well thought out range of additions to achieve a superb and substantial room feel.

Diy Conservatory News 49 - tiled conservatory roof building control regulations update

As Building Regulations in relation to solid roof conservatories has become more stringent, we have organised a fast track service through our roof fabricators to provide approval for your supply and fitted tiled conservatory roof and supply only purchase.

Diy Conservatory News 48 - Increased interest in extensions after planning rule changes

Recent changes to planning rules have also made an impact bringing greater interest in extending the home without the worry of often limiting planning restrictions. Extensions of up to 6m projection on a semi are now possible without planning with certain restrictions and requirements or 8m on a detached property.

Diy Conservatory News 47 - Atlas aluminium roofs and modern lanterns

It can be a case of dej vu when looking at the basic structure of upvc and aluminium roof systems whatever main stream roof company you look at......Atlas are the exception...

Diy Conservatory News 46 - The case for patio doors

It is always relevant to consider patio doors alongside bi-fold doors when looking for a large area of tall glazing and a better access to the outside space.

Diy Conservatory News 45 - New build trends for extending your house

There are approximately three million existing conservatories in the UK alone and as you can imagine, many of these are now quite outdated compared with the technology, performance and elegant design opportunities of the latest innovations currently hitting the UK market.

Diy Conservatory News 44 - Important Planning Rule Changes

Adding more space with a new conservatory orangery or extension has become easier this summer when legislation permitting larger home extensions without the need for planning consent came into force on 30 May 2013

Diy Conservatory News 43 - Diy Upvc Swimming pool Enclosures

We are able to build a number of made to measure solutions to enclosure your pool and provide well insulated all year round use at a much lower cost than conventional builds

Diy Conservatory News 42 - K2 conservatory news update

If you are looking for a convenient and quick solution for creating extra space on your property then K2's range of diy conservatories is hard to beat for ease of fitting , quality and price.

Diy Conservatory News 41 - Veka have recently celebrated 25 years in the UK

“The acquisition deal was an exciting event during a great year for VEKA; in May 2011 we celebrated our 25th anniversary of manufacturing in the UK, and we are now known as The VEKA UK Group, with a turnover annually in excess of £85 Million.

Diy Conservatory News 40 - Rehau upvc door and window launch

REHAU have just celebrated their 50th year in business in the UK. Today today they are a truly global company, established in 170 countries and with more than 15,000 employees

Diy Conservatory News 39 - Supalite diy conservatory tiled roof supplied

Is your conservatory too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer or just leaking and unsightly? - Well if that is the case then why not replace the roof with our Supalite tiled roof replacement?

Diy Conservatory News 38 - Ultraframe Loggia Diy Orangery now available

Ultraframe has spectacularly reinvented the traditional conservatory with the launch of Loggia – a solid ‘extension style’ living space that features all the thermal and ‘real room’ benefits of a traditional extension at a fraction of the price

Diy Conservatory News 37 - Guardian and Tapco slate tiles - the perfect combination

Had enough of your Conservatory that is Too Hot in the Summer and Too Cold in the Winter? Well our Guardian Tapco tiled insulated conservatory roof replacement is the best real slate appearance lightweight roof solution available today

Diy Conservatory News 36 - Guardians new version of their market leading tiled conservatory roof

We are now actively suppling Guardians new version of their market leading conservatory tiled roof replacement as a diy kit , and we are also supplying and installing Guardian roofs in a number of areas in the UK.

Diy Conservatory News 35 - Wendland Livin Room Orangery Roof Launch

Wendland have now officially launched their version of the Ultraframe Livin Room Orangery with wide external gutter trim and Internal filled in soffit detail for an authentic flat roof and lantern look

Diy Conservatory News 34 - Guardians latest specification tiled effect roof improvements

We have reached a stage in the Celuplasts developement of the Guardian conservatory tiled roof replacement where it is necessary soon to update our pages to their new roof specification.

Diy Conservatory News 33 - Guardian Tiled Roofs installed throughout the winter

If you are sitting in a cold damp conservatory at present reading this page and wondering what can be done to make your valuable conservatory space more useable , cosy and enviting then, why not have a look at our Gua

Diy Conservatory News 32 - Guardian tiled effect roofs now with Building Control Certification

The Guardian Roof is a complete conservatory replacement tiled effect roof for your conservatory and the only conservatory replacement tiled roof available that has LABC approval*

Diy Conservatory News 31 - Government planning rules relaxed for conservatories and extensions?

There will be a one month consultation with the intention of allowing homeowners for a three-year period, to be able to build much bigger extensions and conservatories than allowed at present without requiring planning permission.

Diy Conservatory News 30 - Full spec aluminium conservatories and orangeries added to our ranges

When deciding what is the best combination of our extensive ranges for our better specification conservatories and orangeries it is surprising how often powder coated aluminium makes sense as a viable option for roofs , frames and doors, especially when colour is important.

Diy Conservatory News 29 - Pre-Fabricated house extensions with tiled or glazed roofs

It is good news that there has been an increased interest in pre-fabricated extensions with tiled and glazed roofs recently for diy fits and supply and fit. This is across all of the design styles we offer with varying quantities of wall and glass as well as solid tiled and glazed roof options

Diy Conservatory News 28 - Low E and Activ glazing guide for walls and roofs

It can perhaps be a little confusing working out what is the best glazing option for your diy conservatory or diy orangery so we have provided a guide to some of the most popular choices we provide.

Diy Conservatory News 27 - Smart Aluminium Bifold Door Launch

Our latest addition to our aluminium bi-fold door ranges is Smart - and in our view an impressive alternative to Beaufort for top end quality, choice and competative prices.

Diy Conservatory News 26 - Veka Window and Door Glazing Options - A Winning Combination

Veka have again raised the bar with a comprehensive choice of window and door styles as well as glazing options and benefits. Veka is a company that is now difficult to beat in this respect.

Diy Conservatory News 25 - Evolution orangery flat roofs and lanterns now available in more options

We are pleased to announce more options now available for your Evolution flat roof orangery project. it is now for instance possible to buy just the Evolution aluminium framework on its own and then add your own insulation, plywood, Lantern and roof covering

Diy Conservatory News 24 - Guardian Solid Tiled Effect Conservatory Roofs now supplied and fitted

Are you fed up with your Conservatory that is Too Hot in the Summer and Too Cold in the Winter? Well it is time to consider a new introduction to our tiled effect conservatory roof ranges called Guardian.

Diy Conservatory News 23 - The Evolution ( Orangery Roof ) Has Come !

Flat roof and lantern options for orangeries can be a difficult area of decision making when you consider what is available pre-fabricated. There is an array of materials that are common to this type of construction predominantly being timber , plywood, steel and aluminium.

Diy Conservatory News 22 - Beaufort aluminium windows and doors vast colour options

There is no comparison in our upvc products with the limitless colour range freely available with Beaufort aluminium windows and doors. 

Diy Conservatory News 21 - The K2 Rio orangery roof system - a modern alternative to timber

K2 has extended its orangery range recently with the Rio orangery roof and lantern option. It is in my view the answer to a number of set backs with all - timber construction flat roof orangeries , removing the guesswork , unpredictability and weight issues of timber flat roofs.

Diy Conservatory News 20 - Our new orangery ranges update and latest diy orangery news

We have had a number of range additions and improvements to our orangey ranges recently -so we thought it was time to provide a clearer picture on one page as to what we are now able to provide if you enquire about our ranges or ask for a quote.

Diy Conservatory News 19 - Our Superb and Comprehensive Diy Upvc Roof Selection - Take Your Pick

We believe that when it comes to choosing the right diy roof for your re-furb or new build conservatory or orangery that choice is always good. It is possible to provide a reasonable range of options with one manufacturer but like a shop full of sweets it is always good to compare all the options and the decide on what is best for your build. We are not restricted by one choice so our advise will not be biased like many of our competitors.

Diy Conservatory News 18 - A perfect combination - our orangery roof, windows and door brands

It was an enjoyable journey to get to our final choice for our top combination of premium brands for our Ultraframe Livin Room diy orangery kit, but it was worth the effort : Ultraframe , Kommerling, Beaufort and Liniar.

Diy Conservatory News 17 - Kommerling lead free upvc windows and doors launch

Kommerling are probably not recognised or acknowledged as much as they should be as the first company to introduce lead free upvc windows and doors in this country. It is now an important consideration and requirement for our customers in their decision making when buying doors and windows.

Diy Conservatory News 16 - supalite tiled conservatory roofs launch

It is unusual in any one month to announce another innovative product to our customers after the introduction of our very popular Ultraframe Livin Room Orangery Collection, but this is the case with our new conservatory solid tiled roof system called Supalite.

Diy Conservatory News 15 - Ultraframe 'Livin Room' Orangeries - The Perfect Diy Solution

We are overwhelmed with the response to our new Ultraframe Livin Room orangery system. It is not very often that I am impressed by new products when they are conservatory related, but this is a stand out exception. Our customers have also found this simple but effective orangery solution to be both stunning and affordable.

Diy Conservatory News 14 - Roof & Wall Glazing Replacement & Upgrade Options for Your Conservatory

Have you just bought a house with a low specification conservatory ? or maybe you have try to manage with a conservatory you bought without getting the right advise for the glazing and roofing, alternatively maybe the roof is old and starting to leak. These are some of the reasons to consider a roof upgrade or replacement, as well as wall glazing upgrades.

Diy Conservatory News 13 - Do you need help deciding what style and size of conservatory ?

Are you finding it difficult to decide what style of conservatory would be correct for your house type and garden ? - This can be a common problem for many of our customers and can lead to expensive mistakes and mis-calculations if professional advise is not provided before a commitment is made.

Diy Conservatory News 12 - Traditional and modern garden offices and studios - something different

It is becoming more acceptable to incorporate larger areas of glass in buildings such as Garden Offices and Studios, because of recent improvements in glass technology with low e glazing. Whether you require good insulation or protection from glare and sunlight – both are now achievable to a high level allowing for a more open and brighter natural environment for your work space.

Diy Conservatory News 11 - Building Obstacles Preventing your Diy Fit ?

So you have decided to build your own conservatory – The only problem is there is a niggling doubt about what to do with the manhole on the patio or the soil pipe in the middle of your rear wall as well as a waste pipe and open gulley under the kitchen window

Diy Conservatory News 10 - Choosing a Builder or Fitter for your Steel Base and Conservatory Fit ?

So you have decided to build your own conservatory – The only problem is there is a niggling doubt about what to do with the manhole on the patio or the soil pipe in the middle of your rear wall as well as a waste pipe and open gulley under the kitchen window

Diy Conservatory News 9 - Extensions versus Conservatories

It is a common problem when customers have spoken to builders as to whether they have a conventional extension built or a conservatory. It is an opportunity lost to not look into the benefits of a conservatory type construction with solid end walls to each side for instance combining the feel of both options

Diy Conservatory News 8 - Satisfaction in a Job Well Done

It is heart warming when discussing how our customers have fared with their Diy Upvc Conservatory build projects . There is an enormous sense of pride and fulfilment conveyed in their achievement .

Diy Conservatory News 7 - Roof Vent Advise for your Diy Upvc Conservatory

Roof vents in my opinion are an essential part of the ventilation requirements in a south facing conservatory or with a lot of direct sunlight . I also use them as an active part of my ventilation scheme if asked for my advise whatever the aspect.

Diy Conservatory News 6 - Foundation construction advise and guide

Foundations are an essential part of the conservatory project to take time over and get right. It is easy to understand the consequences of getting it wrong - so my philosophy like a structural engineer is to build to a higher standard than required if conditions are unpredictable

Diy Conservatory News 5 - Low e Glazing Essentials for Your Diy Upvc Conservatory

It is a continuous surprise to us in in this energy concious enviroment we live in that most of the enquiries we receive for diy upvc conservatories still request plain double glazing and the thinnest polycarbonate roof option available

Diy Conservatory News 4 - Ready Glazed Conservatory Advantages Compared to Unglazed

Is a upvc conservatory that requires glazing after it is fitted a diy option for your conservatory project ?- more skill and patience required !

Diy Conservatory News 3 - Diy Upvc Conservatories - Guarantees and Buying Guide

I find it to be slightly worrying that when buying a high value product like a diy upvc conservatory -that the origin of the conservatory and manufacturer as well as type of guarantee are often not indicated on a website or are taken for granted by buyers.

Diy Conservatory News 2 - Increasing floor space quickly without requiring planning or building regs

I have noticed a strong demand recently from our older customers downsizing and then requiring further space when they realise that they are finding it harder than anticipated to manage with a smaller house.

Diy Conservatory News 1 - When the weather gets tuff Durabase steel bases get going

Is there a season for fitting your diy upvc conservatory ? In my view there has historically been a reduction in interest and desire to proceed with that conservatory project when the weather deteriorates and gets colder through November to February. But there is a solution to making that project happen for those who need action and space as soon as possible.