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Ultraframe Loggia Prestige Orangeries

Now its even simpler to upgrade from a standard diy upvc conservatory to an orangery with the launch of Loggia Prestige from Ultraframe. Loggia Prestige is an elegant and well thought out range of additions to achieve a superb and substantial room feel. Ultraframes other Livin options such as Livin Room and Loggia are accessed above.

Ultraframe loggia prestige orangery

Ultraframe Loggia Prestige

Ultraframe roof upgrade

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Loggia Prestige Orangery Design

Ultraframes Loggia is the very definition of flexibility with various design elements to achieve the look you like. We also want to make sure that our customers can experience the incredible thermal benefits of Loggia while also enjoying the ‘room’ feel of its robust design without breaking the bank !

Loggia Prestige Orangery Interiors

Loggia is a modern building system providing a practical and well thought out building style that builds stunning extensions, replacing the traditional conservatory and making orangeries a more affordable option. Beautiful, comfortable rooms are achievable all year round , adding value to your home and everyday use of your new space.

ultraframe loggia prestige features

Prestige Features

lighting pelmet

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More Ultraframe orangery systems

ultraframe loggia

LivinRoom Loggia

large coloured aluminium pilaster corners option

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ultraframe loggia prestige


Standard lightweight orangery roof

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Cultraframe loggia and livinroof


Ultraframe Loggia looks with solid roof

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