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News item 19 - A Perfect Orangery Premium Brand Combination - Ultraframe, Kommerling , Beaufort , Veka and Synergy....

Our superb combination of brands for our Ultraframe Livin Room orangery range It was an enjoyable journey to get to our final choice for our top combination of premium brands for our diy orangery kit, but it was worth the effort : Ultraframe , Kommerling, Beaufort Aluk,Veka Halo and Synseal Synergy:

1. Ultraframe goes without saying with the Livin Room Orangery roof range

2. Kommerling Windows and French or Patio doors - The first lead free upvc in the UK

3. Beaufort Aluk for Powder Coated Aluminium Bi-fold Doors - A premium European brand

4.Veka Windows , French Doors, Patio Doors, and Bi-Folds - A top German brand

5. Synseal Windows , French Doors, Patio Doors, and Bi-Folds - A solid British brand - but now discontinued 

Why is this our dream combination ? well the reputations of these companies and their long history of manufacturing leading brands speak for themselves.

Ultraframe are looked on by conservatory specialists and fitters alike as the best upvc roof system around - not the cheapest - but definately the best. So what makes the Livin Room our number one choice for our kit ? it is the way they have mimmicked the best internal features of a more substantial orangery with a plastered soffit detail, and added a modern lighter take on an external orangery style with deep gutters without the weight and cost associated with more traditional orangery systems. Ultraframe is not trying to replace these more detailed options but has provided a modern and elegant alternative for both modern and traditional tastes depending on the window and door choices.

Kommerling our second choice are a well respected German brand of upvc doors and windows with a history spanning 100 years throughout Europe and also a reputation for innovation and improvements to their ranges that are ahead of the crowd. Their lead free 070 and C70 Gold range is a popular and rigid construction with 5 chamber technology.

Beaufort Aluk our third choice is a premium European range of aluminium bi-folds with outstanding performance and durability with a 10 year guarantee and a reputation for out-performing upvc alternatives, with low maintenance characteristics and rigid construction.

All Veka products are manufactured to the highest quality because all VEKA fabricators are now working with the most advanced window and door systems from VEKA plc. The first 'A' rated window in the UK was fabricated using a VEKA window system - a feat that some other window systems are yet to equal.

The Synseal Synerjy range of upvc profiles has been a popular addition to the Synseal range. Synseal upvc profiles are a favourite with fabricators across the country and will always be a favourite choice for us when specifying your doors and windows. - now discontinued

Ultraframe livinroom lightweight orangery roofs

Ultraframe LivinRoom Orangeries

Our best lightweight orangery system 

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Ultraframe livinroom orangery interior

Ultraframe Livin Room Orangeries

Internal soffits and deep exterior gutter design

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