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News item 32 - Guardian Tiled Roofs Now Have LABC Approval

The Guardian Roof is a complete conservatory replacement tiled effect roof for your conservatory and the only conservatory replacement tiled roof available that has LABC approval .

We have noticed a rise in enquiries for our Guardian solid tiled effect roof system recently as the benefits of this type of roof system are being enjoyed by more and more customers. It is however important to make sure the roof is acceptable to be fitted to your existing conservatory. There are two important questions that need answering if you are considering opening up the conservatory space to the rest of the house for instance. Firstly is the roof providing enough insulation to be accepted by the local Building Control for heat loss calculations, and secondly would the roof be accepted by Building Control as a structure that will not overload the existing conservatory foundations.

Guardian tiled roofs have recently been approved by the LABC and is now on the Building Control computer system throughout the UK with engineering calculations to prove that it is a 'warm roof' construction that will not overload a typical conservatory construction.

There is not a replacement tiled conservatory roof system out there that is easier to build and will achieve a better insulation level for your new roof (0.16u) compared to Guardian. also there is no better replacement tiled conservatory roof with better guarantees and quality of construction now that Guardian .

We have not been surprised by how well Guardian is received when we show our sample to customers. The most obvious being their realisation how well constructed and how substantial the whole structure is. it looks and feels like it will last a long time backed up by a 20 year guarantee on the roof structure and  tiles.

At the moment we cannot see any reason to consider any other roof replacement alternatives if you truly want a permanent and well crafted solution to your conservatory roof problems - with the added benefit and peace of mind Guardian now gives with LABC Approval* *LABC approval is for the Guardian roof structure only - please ask for further information

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Guardian tiled roofs

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Guardian tiled roofs

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