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News item 16 - Xtralite Tiled Conservatory & Porch Roof Launch - 15th Jan 2012 - Now called Supalite

It is unusual in any one month to announce another innovative roof product to our customers after the introduction of our very popular Ultraframe Livin Room Orangery Collection, but this is the case with our new conservatory tiled roof system by Xtralite - (now called Supalite) .

This Xtralite roof system is a direct replacement for your existing conservatory roof when it is has reached the end of its life or is the wrong specification to keep you comfortable in winter and summer. Alternatively Xtralite is an excellent new roof choice for your conservatory, porch or garden office instead of polycarbonate or glass.

What makes this roof system possible to install onto a conventional conservatory is the light weight support structure with aluminium ringbeam and rafters manufactured to order to suit whatever design and size you require. Roof vents are available and it also comes in a choice of colours for both the upvc cladding and roof tiles. Add to this a 20 year guarantee on the roof tiles and you have a wonderful new choice to consider for your conservatory porch or garden office project..

supalite conservatory tiled roof replacements

Supalite Tiled Roofs

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Supalite Tiled Roofs

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