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News item 4 - The Advantages of Ready Glazed Conservatories Compared to Unglazed.

Is a upvc conservatory that requires glazing after it is fitted a diy option for your conservatory project ?- Proceed with caution would be my answer.

There are various reasons why I would consider this to be a professional fit and a task that even professional conservatory fitters find a chore and can lead to damaged beadings and broken units.

Most of our customers quite frankly who embark on the road to a diy conservatory fit would prefer to have it supplied and installed by a recommended upvc conservatory fitter, but take the diy conservatory route because of the extra cost for a fitter and often profit on top from the conservatory supplier if they provide both services.

It is important then that task of fitting the conservatory is both simple and quick. Glazing the units afterwards adds time and difficulty as well as extra cost if the glazed unit is damaged. K2 have manufactured their diy conservatory system to address this problem by providing their upvc frames ready glazed in single units that slot together with an aluminium and cam connecting frame system. This type of system that K2 have perfected requires no specialist knowledge and just the most basic of tools to fit - an allen key !!

I have also some reservations about the guarantee status of a diy conservatory that you glaze afterwards. If the glazing is not fitted correctly and water gets into the units then the guarantee will be void - obviously, but if it is up to the supplier to decide this point ie whether you have fitted the units correctly then this can lead to conflict because they will try to avoid the cost of replacing and fitting a unit by blaming you! It is easier to avoid this grey area and fit a complete glazed upvc unit thas has been manufactured and sealed by K2 under factory conditions. There is no question with K2's 10 year guarentee over the issue of responsibilty if the unit fails - So why make your life more complicated ! Buy a conservatory system that is designed and developed for the diy or trade purchaser.

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