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News item 21 - K2 Rio- The Lightweight Aluminium Alternative to Timber Orangery Roofs.

K2 has extended its orangery range recently with the Rio orangery roof and lantern option. It is in my view the answer to a number of set backs with all - timber construction flat roof orangeries , removing the guesswork , unpredictability and weight issues of timber flat roofs.

It is apparent immediately that the structural supports and components have been designed to be easy to install with lightweight aluminium replacing timber joists and the emphasis on less is more with the reduced amount of elements that make up the complete roof. Less elements and construction time means costs are reduced as well as speeding up the installation process ready for the lantern insert.

Providing a complete roof kit solution such as Rio is a god send when weather conditions and time constraints mean that a project needs to progress quickly without having to cut and join materials as well as work out structural requirements for steel and timber and material quantities. K2 deals with all of this in-house supplying everthing you require as a kit with full calculations if required, meaning peace of mind when it comes to building regs and heat loss calculations.

The Rio orangery roof does require extra support other than the orangery window frames and doors, this is possible with brick or block walls as well as aluminium columns depending on the design requirements. The design is therefore a complete replacement option to traditional timber flat roof and lantern orangeries. It also compliments K2's other orangery options such as the Integra and Venetian ranges.

Soffit and lantern sizes are also flexible because the roof is finished with an applied rubber roof sheet covering cut to suit whatever roof and lantern size is required.

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