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News item 15 - Ultraframe LivinRoom Orangeries - The Perfect Easy Fit Solution

We are overwhelmed with the response to our new Ultraframe LivinRoom orangery system. It is not very often that I am impressed by new products when they are conservatory related, but this is a stand out exception. Our customers have also found this simple but effective orangery solution to be both stunning and affordable.

What you get with Ultraframe is not only the heritage of a company that has supplied over a million roof systems over 2 decades but also an orangery roof system that is both elegant and easy to install.

So what is the excitement about ?

Most orangery systems are based on a combination of flat roof and roof lantern which historically has been an area of complication when the materials become deffective with age and wear and tear - letting water in. Ultraframe has avoided this problem with their new roof design by mimmicking the design of an orangery with deep gutter covers to the exterior and a real plasterboard soffit detailed interior with cavity with extra insulation. The internal look is almost identical to a flat roof orangery and lantern - but the roof slopes into the gutter externally avoiding a flat roof with standing water.

You can see from the diagram above that the roof internal structure is light weight and self supporting for the plasterboard soffits , avoiding the normal heavy structural supports required on other orangery systems, so reducing cost and reducing installation time. The ladder support system is connected to the rafters with brackets and a ladder system forming a slotted frame for the plasterboard. The depth of soffit is adjustable for wall or glazed options.

I am sure that this orangery concept will be the perfect solution to bridge the gap between conservatories and full blown orangery systems at much higher prices, without compromising quality and style.

ultraframe livinroom cross section

Ultraframe LivinRoom

Gutter and soffit arrangement

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ultraframe livinroom orangeries

Ultraframe LivinRoom

Mimmics a flat roof orangery with lantern

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