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News item 44 - Good News for Your Conservatory,Orangery or Extension Planning.

Adding more space with a new conservatory orangery or extension has become easier this summer when legislation permitting larger home extensions without the need for planning consent came into force on 30 May 2013.

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If the planned extension is single storey and located to the rear of the property – a brief which fits the large majority of installed conservatories and orangeries – then homeowners can extend to twice the size that was permitted by previous legislation without planning permission. This allows for extensions of 6 metres from the rear wall of an attached property, such as a semi-detached or terraced property and 8 metres from the rear wall of a detached property, without being delayed or restricted by an application for planning permission.

The previous limits were 3 metres and 4 metres respectively. The maximum height permitted has remained at 4m for a single storey extension - a considerable height for most builds.

Instead of an application for planning permission, a Neighbour Consultation Process will take place but this will be conducted by the Local Authority and in many cases will be a formality, unless one of your directly adjoining neighbours feels that there is an ‘unacceptable impact on neighbours amenity’ and formally states this within 21 days of being notified of the plan. In this unlikely event, the Local Authority will make a ruling.

So why not extend your home to the size you require and gain good usable space at an affordable price ?

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