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News item 56 -Part L Building Regulation higher efficiency windows - relaxation of rules

The government has postponed the expected changes to Part L of the Building Regs stating that they were ‘inconsistent with recent reforms to permitted development rights under the planning system and ‘likely to impose additional costs on hard working families trying to improve their homes’. This means that the expected tightening of the Part L requirements to a minimum WER B rating or 1.4 U-Value in 2014 and a further shift to a mandatory WER A rating or 0.8 U-Value in 2016 will not now take place in the timescale which had been anticipated. There is still no clear indication as to when the changes will actually come into force but it is possible that there could be a sudden tightening of the rules any time between now and 2016. Whilst the vast majority of the PVC-U sector could obviously respond if Part L did require even a WER A rating, we don’t want to see the market wrong footed by unexpected announcements. For this reason, we’ll be keeping an eye on signals from the government and the regulators and keeping our customers informed throughout.

We supply various low energy options in our window and door ranges

We are able to supply A rated windows and doors without any significant increase in price with all of our Upvc frames whether Rehau , Kommerling or Veka. this means we do not need to increase the specification of our frames anyway when the regulations are eventually tighetened. Give us a ring on 01162879079 to discuss your project in more detail to see how this legislation relaxation effects you.

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