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News item 53 - K2's New Capella Orangery Internal Soffit Design

K2 Capella Orangery Features

Capella introduced the Capella lightweight orangery system a while ago. There have been mixed reviews due to the upvc open shelf design and limited design options. K2 have updated the Capella system to now include a boxed-in internal soffit option which puts it more into Ultraframes Livin Room lightweight orangery roof territory. It is in our view a good budget alternative to Ultraframe.

K2 Capella's New Plasterboarded Soffit Option

K2 have just introduced a new fully boxed-in plasterboarded soffit option to compete with the Ultraframe Livin Room system. This has come in at a more competative price level, so it has already become a popular alternative to the Capella internal upvc shelf from K2's original roof design.

K2 capella orangery

K2 Capella

Internal boxed in soffit now available

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