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News item 17 - Kommerling Gold - the first and best lead free upvc windows and doors system.

Kommerling are probably not recognised or acknowledged as much as they should be as the first company to introduce lead free upvc windows and doors in this country. It is now becoming an important consideration and requirement for our customers in their decision making when buying doors and windows.

The PVC-u industry made a voluntary commitment to the EU Environment Commission to eliminate the use of lead stabilisers from PVC-u profiles by 2010. This was welcomed as the "Vinyl 2010" initiative and Profine ( Kommerling ) undertook this change in 2003 / 2004 making the move to calcium-zinc by introducing the Kommerling Gold range in the UK

It is an exciting developement to combine our commitment to provide a lead free option in our range, but even better to introduce such an innovative and ground breaking range such as Kommerling. With a reputation throughout Europe built up over 100 years it is not necessary to sing its praises to the windows and doors industry in particular because it is a company that has been closely followed and emulated.

It is this drive for innovation that has lead to Kömmerling developing a window for the UK market - the 88 Plus System - that can achieve a ‘U’ value of just 0.8, meeting the stringent demands of Passivhaus, the world’s leading standard in energy efficient construction. This is the window of tomorrow and we will be particularly interested to see how this new option is received by our window and conservatory customers.

Should you decide on a modern window from the bevelled C70 Gold or a sculptured more traditional effect available from the O70 Gold, we can now provide a wide range of door and window styles to suit most situations as well as foil foil wood grain and colour choices.

Kommerling C70

Kommerling C70

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kommerling O70

Kommerling O70

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