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......I would just like to thank you for all your help and co-operation with the planning of our conservatory.....The whole project was a delight to build and we are totally thrilled with the end result.....

M Clark, Clacton.

Just a quick note to say the conservatory was of excellent quality and the installation went perfect with the help of the installation guide which was very easy to understand. Myself and the wife are very pleased with it, so would just like to thank you for your excellent service......

Malcolm M Birmingham

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Kommerling Door and Window Ranges

kommerling upvc windows Kommerling C70 upvc window

Kommerling Window, Door and Conservatory Ranges

Kommerling is a German manufacturer of uPVC window and door profiles, with a reputation for quality and durability built over many decades of manufacture. Our Kommerling Conservatory upvc windows and doors use the high-quality Kommerling Gold system to be sure that our customers' windows and doors will look as good after many, many years of use as they do the day they are fitted. While some upvc window materials may discolour after time, turning pink or yellow as the plastics used break down, Kommerling's window profile will stand the test of time

Kommerling - the bigger picture

Kommerling is part of the Profine Group, which is Europe's largest extruder of uPVC window and uPVC door systems with an annual turnover of hundreds of millions of Euros.Kommerling has been in the UK since 1975, and enjoys world renown as a top notch manufacturer respected for first introducing lead free windows to the Uk market.

Kommerling ovolo window profile
Kommerling bevelled window profile

Bevelled and sculptured profiles available

Kommerling Lead free credentials

Kommerling was the first company to manufacture uPVC window systems which are lead-free in the UK, in 2004. Lead free profiles are much better for the environment both during manufacture and when products are eventually recycled. Today, almost ALL uPVC windows from other manufacturers are still made using lead-based plastics. This, along with the Kommerling 'Recycline' initiative for profile recycling are good examples of what makes Kommerling the market leading quality brand and also the leading eco-friendly window systems manufacturer.


kommerling upvc colour options

Kommerling colour

Colour - There's now 44 different colours and woodgrain finishes to choose from, thanks to the resources, committment and the desire to offer the homeowner more from Kömmerling. Bold colours and the very latest woodgrain options can be incorporated into your home in either our C70 or O70 window and door systems. Some of these colours are now available as an addition to the standard white oak rosewood and mahogany for the Uk market, such as cream grey etc. - Some colours are available as an extended contract range so please ask.

Kommerling patio doors

Kommerling patio doors

Lift and Slide Patio Doors - The Lift and Slide patio door is a genuine alternative to a bi-folding door and with less PVCu sightlines, also with more glass in which to see the world outside. The product is designed for large openings in the home or conservatory and is capable of openings of up to 6 metres with just two sashes.

There’s also the option of 2, 3 and 4 pane door systems which are capable of spanning over 10 metres. The running track has been specifically designed for lasting performance and ease of use. There’s also a thermally broken frame that provides energy efficiency and the necessary structural integrity to carry a large sash with ease. Like all of our window and door systems, it’s extruded with lead-free Greenline compound.

Kommerling patio door photo

The Kommerling PremiLine sliding patio door is packed with technical features and is extruded using Greenline lead-free PVCu compound.

It's also the perfect match to our C70 and O70 upvc frame systems and given the innovative design of the outer frame which is 70mm deep tapering out to 80mm to accommodate the sash, it can be easily coupled to any Kömmerling 70mm frame, and benefits from a large range of ancillaries.

We are now offering this range as a triple sliding triple track option. All three door sashes in the Triple Slider system can slide both ways and there are 3, 4, 5 & 6 pane options with a maximum frame width of 5.8m. When it comes to operation, the high quality stainless steel tracks guarantee the maximum possible service life and provide extremely smooth running sliding doors, moving at the slightest touch.

Kommerling triple track triple slider patio door

Kommerling PremiLine Patio Door specification:
  1. Can offer 2,3 or even 4 panel openings
  2. High quality stainless steel tracks guarantee the maximum possible service life
  3. Extremely smoothrunning sliding doors, moving at the slightest touch
  4. Offers high security and large units are easily achieved
  5. Striking design with a choice of low sightline gaskets in black or grey
  6. A wide range of colours including white, rosewood, mahogany, golden oak and even black
  7. Low threshold option available
  8. Outer frames can be welded or mechanically jointed
  9. Option of full length aluminium handle for further stability


Pdf download C70 Kommerling Brochure
pdf download C70 Kommerling Specification

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