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News item 10 - Employing a Builder or Fitter or Both for your Diy Conservatory Fit

The steel bases , conservatories and diy kit options we supply are fitted as easily by joiners and conservatory and window fitters as by builders. This does not make builders obsolete as many are all rounders capable of complete fits. A steel base does though return control to the diy customer and conservatory fitter to be able to complete the project without requiring a builder, The installation can consequently be simpler without split responsibility with various trades.

Historically with conservatory supply and fit companies a builder would build the base and walls and then the conservatory fitter would follow to finish the upvc bits.. It is apparent very quickly if you watch our base video that Durabase has removed a lot of the obstacles normally faced with conventional bases and removed a layer of complication with builder scheduling and pricing etc. The base kit is also very accurate and predictable on delivery and quality of construction - not always the case with builders unfortunately !

It is still necessary to do a small amount of excavation for the steel base pad stones but this is straight forward and quick. The rest of the base construction as well as modular walls is a joinery exercise not building construction. Plastering is a requirement if you want a flat smooth internal finish to the exterior wall and dwarf walls but can be negotiated with a plasterer independently.

So do I have an answer to the question of who is the best choice to use for your construction – Builder or Fitter ? – Well my answer would be either if they are builders who have installed upvc conservatories on a regular basis or fitters who have installed steel bases. Fitters tend to be more precise with cutting and joining bits so I would still give them the edge on the conservatory installation bit. Builders have the vote on conventional base constructions obviously .

I think the answer is always to ask to see examples of conservatory installations with whoever you are asking to quote you. I would also ask to speak to customers they have fitted for. Alternatively speak to friends and family and use recommended trades people that again you can see and verify.

durabase steel bases and brck faced walls - interior

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Durabase steel bases and brick faced walls - exterior

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