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Durabase Diy Real Brick Faced Modular base & Wall Systems

Finding good reliable builders for a conservatory project is a constant headache for our customers, and often dependant on availability and weather conditions, causing long delays. Another common problem is the unexpected extra costs that always seem to crop up once the base installation has started. Extra skips for spoil removal, extra costs for deeper footings, problems with underground drains and a myriad of other hidden traps all waiting to take a bite out of your build budget.

At Durabase they have the solution, in the form of their “Steel base and modular real brick faced wall systems”. Durabases system has been modified and perfected over twenty years, and in that time, diy enthusiasts and professional fitters throughout the UK have come to realise that Durabase is an easier and much quicker way to complete their diy conservatory projects. It is possible for an average diy'er to get the base and wall installation completed quickly and accurately within 2 days without professional expertise or cost.

The Durabase steel base is designed so that you do not have to worry about underground drains as these can be bridged easily, or waste time constructing trenches and strip foundations . We have provided specific pages on the various Durabase steel base options below.

Durabase steel base and brick faced wall system

Durabase Steel Bases

Interior Brick faced modular wall

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durabase brick slip modular wall system

Durabase Steel Bases

Brick slip exterior wall

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Durabase Options

Durabase plus regs compliant steel base

durabase Plus steel Base

Uprated regs compliant base for the UK and Ireland

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durabase with brick  faced modular walls

Durabase Wall Type Base

Standard Durabase with brick faced or render walls

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durabase without walls

Durabase without walls

Standard steel base with brick or plain skirts

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Builders base

Durabase Builders Base

Support angle provided for standard brick type build

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