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News item 39 - Supalite Tiled Conservatory Roofs now Supplied at low prices

Supalite is an interesting alternative to our Guardian tiled roof replacement with extended soffit externally and substantial eaves look . Insulation levels are on a par with Guardian at 0.16U and prices are similar. It is now a requirement that all tiled roof replacements are regs compliant and proven to be so. Supalite has recieved type approval from JHAI who inspect and certificate Supalite roofs for a set fee. So you have the peace of mind that you have bought a roof with 20 year guarantees and is fully compliant to the latest regs requirements. There are now a number of roof replacements unfortunately that do not comply and are in our view inferior and a liability.

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Supalite tiled roof

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Supalite lean to tiled roof

Supalite tiled roofs

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