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......I would just like to thank you for all your help and co-operation with the planning of our conservatory.....The whole project was a delight to build and we are totally thrilled with the end result.....

M Clark, Clacton.

Just a quick note to say the conservatory was of excellent quality and the installation went perfect with the help of the installation guide which was very easy to understand. Myself and the wife are very pleased with it, so would just like to thank you for your excellent service......

Malcolm M Birmingham

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Roof and Wall Glazing Replacement and Upgrade Options for Your Existing Conservatory

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Have you just bought a house with a low specification conservatory ? or maybe you have try to manage with a conservatory you bought without getting the right advise for the glazing and roofing, alternatively maybe the roof is old and starting to leak. These are some of the reasons to consider a roof upgrade or replacement as well as wall glazing upgrades.

What is and available to make your conservatory warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer for instance? An immediate improvement is upgrading a thin polycarbonate roof with 35mm 7 core polycarbonate. This will require replacing the whole roof which is not a problem whether 60mm upvc frames or 70mm, as the roof system we provide is made for both options.

A more expensive but popular upgrade is to replace the roof with glass which is both quieter than polycarbonate when it rains and has a better aspect when in tinted options as well as clear compared to Heatguard polycarbonate for sunny positions for instance. it will also be necessary to consider low energy options to keep heat in for winter and heat out in summer ( the coating works in both directions depending on the heat source). Tinted options are required to reduce glare and ultra violet rays as well as heat.

Wall glazing can be removed and upgraded to low e options if the upvc frames are still in good condition, saving money and building expense. This can be tricky if security tape is used to fix the windows but is possible. it is also necessary to be very careful removing the beading to remove the double glazed units as this can be easily damaged or broken.

Various glazing options are now available to upgrade and replace your wall glazing such as Pilkington K glass and Planibel A . If Argon is added to these options then the insulation will be improved further. We do not supply wall panel glass so you will need to speak to a local glass supplier for this upgrade. We do however supply all of your requirements for your roof upgrade though so please access our roof page on the left menu or our quote request form on the top menu.