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News item 13 - Need Help Choosing The Right Style Of Conservatory For Your House ?

Are you finding it difficult to decide what style of conservatory would be correct for your house type and garden ? - This can be a common problem for many of our customers and can lead to expensive mistakes and mis-calculations if professional advise is not provided before a commitment is made.

It is very difficult sometimes to take into account all of the elements of a conservatory project and end up with the correct size and style to suit the site, planning issues and architecture. A conservatory is a large investment and if built correctly and with style can add good value to your property. If the wrong size and style as well as specification it can be a liability.

So what is the best way to get the correct style and design of conservatory ? - My answer would be to speak to a conservatory expert like ourselves where you get the undivided attention of our designers all the way through your project , and let them take the weight off your shoulders and make the big decisions on your behalf. Let them decide what roof style suits your property or what height of frames fits with your house doors and what dwarf wall height will look correct when the ground slopes away for example.

We have many examples where the style of conservatory totally changes after good advise and a better understanding of the site conditions and constraints. So why not do yourself a favour and take advantage of our free services to see how we can transform your project and help you make all the right decisions.

lean to upvc and glass full panel conservatory

Lean To Diy Upvc Conservatory

Our most popular option at present

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Hipped back edwardian upvc conservatory

Hipped Back Edwardian Conservatory

Suitable if you have restricted height

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