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News item 6 - Conservatory Foundation Construction Advise

Foundations are an essential part of the conservatory project to take time over and get right. It is easy to understand the consequences of getting it wrong - so my philosophy like a structural engineer is to build to a higher standard than required if conditions are unpredictable.

It has taken a long while historically to get to the present position as far as depths of strip foundations are concerned. Depths have been shallower for conventional extension builds until relatively recently - with conventional extension strip foundations now at 1m ( British Standard 8004 ) or deeper for conventional extensions depending on ground conditions and tree proximity etc - so if you are building a 2.1m high wall and not trench filling with concrete - would 600mm deep for a dwarf wall be adequate for this part of the conservatory if building regs are not required - I would say not - so it is always necessary to adjust the foundation depths to suit the heights of wall and loadings and stick with the building regs recommendation if in doubt. It is also important to avoid frost damage in extremes of cold so do not skimp and try to avoid hard graft by digging trenches too shallow.

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