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News item 66 - Energy efficient upgrades that matter

If you are in the market for a new conservatory then it is important to look very carefully at all the options now available to upgrade your new living space to a a much better place to be. long gone is the idea that you can add a budget , low cost and low spec conservatory to your house and see any benefit financially, or for all year round day to day use. In fact the downside is a space that is unusable most of the year..

We have provided here a small guide to some simple and sometimes inexpensive upgrades that can make all the difference on your build.

low e and argon  glazed upvc windows

Veka Halo

A rated windows

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Building an efficient and useable conservatory - Windows and Doors

there is no benefit to purchasing the best and most efficient insulated roof system without first complimenting it with efficient window and door glazing . Absolute musts are low emission glazing in windows and doors . Additionally sun protection is often a factor, and an easy solution for sunny aspect conservatories, with Pilkington Neutral Activ glass, Smartglass Plus Neutral , or Planitherm 4S for instance as the external glass in your double glazed window makeup to prevent heat build up. Tinted glasses in green and blue can be used for windows and doors for extreme heat protection but are not so popular as Neutral tints.

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Plus Base

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Building an efficient and useable conservatory - Base and Walls

The base and walls of your new conservatory are a golden opportunity to add large amounts of high density insulation at relatively small extra cost . the benefit of doing this is that it will help offset the heat loss from large areas of glazing ( 4 times as efficient typically) . If the conservatory is treated as a complete room then any gains in efficiency in one area make your heating bills over all less, so that is a good thing long term as well as the added benefit of the room heating up quicker when required and staying warm for longer when the heating is off. If you are considering using our Durabase steel base and wall systems then upgrading to our Durabase plus option is a good way of achieving building regs standards of insulation under the floor and our Durabase wall insulation pack will achieve the same for the walls.

Guardian conservatory tiled roof


Efficient tiled roofs

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Building an efficient and useable conservatory - roofs

What can be the most ineffecient and badly advised area of a conservatory is often the roof on new build conservatories. It stands to reason that a layer of material whether glass or polycarbonate up to 35mm thick, is only ever going to provide a certain amount of insulation or sun protection compared to up to 220mm of solid dense insulation and materials in a tiled roof structure like Guardian or Supalite. The fact is that the best glass roofs are no match for a solid tiled roof structure which is 5 times better than a typical high spec glazed roof for insulation for instance, as well as much better for sun protection and noise reduction. Tiled roofs have a 50 year to indefinate lifespan compared to 13-15 years for a glass roof, so a much more viable long term option, even based on the extra cost at the outset.

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