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News item 9 - The Benefits of Conservatories Compared to Conventional Extensions

It is a common problem when customers have spoken to builders as to whether they have a conventional extension built or a conservatory. It is an opportunity lost to not look into the benefits of a conservatory type construction with solid end walls to each side for instance combining the feel of both options  .

The gap between conservatories and extensions is shrinking all the time with innovations in glazing and building materials to improve privacy and insulation levels making a conservatory a viable and comfortable alternative, providing more light and more aspect than a conventional extension.

Conventional extensions are unfortunately often pushed more by builders because there is more labour content and more actual cost which consequently fills more weeks with labour and material charges ! If you add building regulations and planning costs as well as extra time then this can become a chore.

Roofs are an area where there has been a very good improvement in U values as low as .9 on products like Celsius , Planibel and Pilkington . Roofs cover a large area of the conservatory so have to be well insulated to keep the room warm in the winter or reflect heat away in the summer as an alternative to tiles. It is possible to improve u values further with orangery type roofs. Our last option and the best is a lightweight tiled roof such as our Guardian roof system with U values of 1.6, a 6 times better insulation level compared to our best glass options

Modular wall constructions like those provided by Durabase can be filled with high efficiency insulation to reduce u values to .27 - Durabase also provide a Durabase Plus steel base option which is a u value of .25 for the floor. Both of these innovations can make a conservatory a very efficient and viable alternative with very low u values and high insulation .

A cost effective alternative is to build the conservatory yourself and save on large labour costs and added profit added by building companies. We provide all you will need to build your conservatory as well as advise you about what you can and cannot add to your house without planning or building regulation requirements - especially where more walls instead of glass is anticipated.

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Tiled Roof Conservatories

Guardian tiled roofs, Veka Halo windows and Durabase steel bases

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Evolution Orangeries

Better insulated roof option compared to conservatories 

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