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News item 20 - New Orangery Ranges - Latest News Update

We have had a number of range additions and improvements to our orangey ranges recently -so we thought it was time to provide a clearer picture on one page as to what we are now able to provide if you enquire about our ranges or ask for a quote.

Our complete range of orangery roofs and lanterns includes :

Ultraframe Livin Room diy orangery roofs

Ultraframe flat roof with lantern orangery roofs

Quantal flat roof with lantern orangery roofs

Evolution flat roof with lantern orangery roofs

K2 Capella diy orangery roofs

K2 Integra diy orangery roofs

Synseal diy orangey roofs - soon to be launched by Synseal

Ultraframe Lanterns K2 Lanterns Synseal Global Lanterns

Our complete range of window frames and doors now available to complement our orangery roofs includes :

Synseal Synerjy Upvc Windows, French doors, Patio doors

Kommerling Upvc Windows, French doors, Patio doors and Wide patio doors

K2 Upvc Windows French doors and Patio doors.

Liniar Upvc Windows, French doors and Patio doors

Veka Upvc Windows, French doors and Patio doors

Our complete range of bi-fold doors :

Beaufort Aluminium Bi-fold doors

Kommerling Upvc Bi-fold doors

Synseal Upvc Bi-fold doors

K2 Upvc Bi-fold doors

Liniar Upvc Bi-fold doors

Veka Upvc Bi-fold doors

All of these options can in theory be used in any combination but we have found certain combinations will be more popular such as Ultraframe roofs, Kommerling or Veka upvc window frames and Beaufort aluminium or Veka upvc bi-fold doors - giving a very individual and durable orangery with our best ranges - please ask us for advise if you are unsure what is the best combination for your project.

So have we arrived at a complete range of orangery products at this point ? Well not quite as we still feel there is a place for a more lightweight alternative to a timber flat roof and lantern using more modern materials achieving a practical construction hopefully at an affordable price. It will also need to be flexible on soffit depths and facia moulding designs - so watch this space !!

Contact & Quotes

We provide an online free quick quote service for all of our ranges accessed on the top menu. If you need to discuss your project in more detail then ring us on 01452226290, or email us on our contact page enquiry form, again accessed on the top menu.