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News item 3 - Diy Upvc Conservatories - Guarantees and Buying Guide

I find it to be slightly worrying that when buying a high value product like a diy upvc conservatory -that the origin of the conservatory and manufacturer as well as type of guarantee are often not indicated on a website or are taken for granted by customers.

If you buy a car or kitchen appliance you would probably be very interested in who makes it and what the revues are - in other words its track record for quality maintenance and reliabilty. Should this be any different buying a conservatory ?- I think not.

What is important when comparing various conservatories and deciding what to buy ? I think it is very important to be able to trace your diy upvc conservatory back to a named manufacturer such as K2 for instance. The same applies to your steel base with companies like Durabase. Large manufactures have standards of manufacture as well as customer care and product improvement you do not find with smaller companies. K2's 10 year guarantee on glazing and upvc aswell as Durabases 25 year guarantee on their diy products is also easy to understand because it is their guarantee not a suppliers guarantee or a warranty administered by a seperate company that earns a profit from it.

If the conservatory is self named by an internet supplier then quite frankly it can be made by anyone or anywhere with inferior materials and standards of manufacture. You have no way to find out independantly what you are buying - so there is too much trust required by the buyer based on information provided by the supplier - a dangerous position to be placed in. Upvc is upvc right ? - Wrong ! I have seen inferior upvc conservatories discolour crack and break down with chalking etc.

Also if the supplier goes under then how do you find out what you have bought and get replacement parts and more importantly get the conservatory mended if you have a suppliers guarantee or warranty on your diy product. it is easy for these companies to wriggle out of resposibility if the conservatory is a self build and there are areas like glazing installation into frames that can be said to be badly fitted - not a problem with K2 as their window frames are delivered ready glazed and are very easy to fit correctly.

So if you are looking to purchase - ask as many of the right questions as possible about what you are buying and where it originates from and what the guarantee means because the answers may surprise or shock you !

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