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News item 11 - Common Obstacles Encountered & Resolved On Your Conservatory Build

So you have decided to build your own conservatory – The only problem is there is a niggling doubt about what to do with the manhole on the patio or the soil pipe in the middle of your rear wall as well as a waste pipe and open gulley under the kitchen window – Not something you are capable of doing yourself ? Well this may partly be right - but these are not problems that are difficult to sort out with the right approach and preparation before you get your conservatory delivered.

Soil pipes on single storey properties

It is possible to reduce and remove the top section of the soil pipe down to a height of about 1m or higher than the highest overflow point internally such as sinks and toilets. It is then possible to place an air admittance valve on the end of the soil pipe to prevent pressure build up in the system consequently sucking out water from the U bends and letting smells into the house. Various companies produce these air admittancee valves for internal and external use. Having added this valve there is no need to cut into the conservatory roof to vent the soil pipe - so this is a quick cheap and simple solution.

Soil pipes on 2 storey properties

This is an obstacle that can be accomodated. It will be necessary to insert a flat upvc panel into the polycarbonate or glazed roof then cut a hole in it to place the soil pipe through. Alternatively it is possible to move the soil pipe but this requires specialist knowledge and building regs approval for underground drainage works. It is also considerably more costly than a upvc panel insert.

Wall vents

Wall vents that provide ventilation for rooms with gas appliances will need to be moved to the exterior of the conservatory on the house exterior wall and vented to the outside. Wall vents for washer dryers , dryers or extractors will for obvious reasons require re-routing outside of the conservatory if possible. Air vents under timber floors on the exterior wall will be hidden by the steel base or conservatory floor so will require re- routing, or slots can be cut into the steel frame to vent them under the steel frame and out through the steel base skirting vents.


External vents can be altered and extended on later boilers to a certain distance from within to the exterior of the conservatory ( a Corgi heating engineer will be able to advise you on what is possible with your particular boiler ). Alternatively it is possible to extend the vent internally in the house unless there are kitchen units etc in the way ( a common problem ) ! The last choice is to move the boiler which can be a little more complicated and costly.

Waste pipes

Waste pipes that are discharged into open gullies can be worked around with our Durabase steel frame . It is advisable to alter the gulley to a sealed type to avoid smells and to tidy this area up on both conventional bases and steel options. Boxing the pipes in will also make this area nicer to look at.

Chimneys and Brick Obstructions

All obstructions whether chimneys or brick nibs and piers can be built around with our conservatory roof systems if required.

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