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News item 7 - Roof Vent Advise for your Diy Upvc Conservatory

Roof vents in my opinion are an essential part of the ventilation requirements in a south facing conservatory or with a lot of direct sunlight . I also use them as an active part of my ventilation scheme if asked for my advise whatever the aspect. Roof vents come into their own with taller roof situations such as Edwardian, Gabled and Victorian conservatories where there is an opportunity to get good air flow upwards and outwards even on days where there is little wind and much heat.

It is a fact that heat rises so this natural air movement can be enhanced with low level side opening windows , fanlights and roof vents.- the idea being to cool the air down at as low a level as possible. it is obvious that if there is one level of windows at say 1700 high and above ie fanlights that in most situations it is essential for the doors to be open to create low level air movement. This is not practical when you are out or the conservatory is not in use. It is however possible to get a reasonable movement of air around and out of the conservatory with roof vents open and fanlights on safety setting.

It is not much fun walking into a sauna when you get home and want to relax in the conservatory - even the best glazing options will not deal with long periods of heat and low air movement without good ventilation, so I think it is dangerous to ignore this practical answer to what we are told will be a warmer planet in the future. Another benefit of roof vents is the fact that they also help to improve air movement in the house as well if dividing doors are left open.

Roof vents typically cost from £450 each so this in itself is relatively cheap in the context of a complete project and will silently in the background do its job whatever the weather conditions. It is also possible for roof vents to automatically regulate the air temperature with more sophisticated automated options.

It is also important to state that the technology and build standards used in our latest roof vents are much better than in the past, so it is no longer a gamble to break the roof line and end up paying later down the line with leaks and complications often suffered with cheaper options.

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