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News item 47 - Atlas Aluminium Lantern Roofs

The basic structure of upvc and aluminium roof systems have been traditional and similar whatever main stream roof company you consider until recently , with the exception of Ultraframes vented eaves and ridge construction. Visual details are nearly all traditional designs, adapted to be plainer by removing bits but still fundamentally traditional in design and appearance.

Atlas are the exception in that they have simplified the structure , removed decoration and kept details to a minimum, leaving the structural slim rafters to do the talking. This has created a simple minimal look that is very appealing for todays modern design enthusiasts

It is a fact that there is a lack of options for modern design enthusiasts that are not well catered for in the mainstream conservatory and orangery market. Atlas has resolved this by accepting that the future for modern lantern and roof designs is an upward curve and will lead to more demand for simpler designs.

atlas aluminium rooflights and lanterns

Atlas Lanterns

Modern aluminium roof lanterns

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Using the benefits of slimline technology Atlas have combined good looks, outstanding thermal performance ( triple glazing available ) and an intelligent minimalist structure, to create one of the finest looking modern systems available for orangery roof systems

atlas roof lantern interior

Atlas roof lanterns interior

single or triple glazed

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The versatility of the aluminium box section rafters and creative design solutions have removed the requirements for outdated bulky hood covers on lantern roofs and hipped back Edwardian roofs adapted as lantern roofs.

atlas rooflight interior

Atlas Rooflights

Flat glass rooflights

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