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Guardian and Supalite Tiled Roof Conservatories

Why a tiled roof is the best option for your conservatory

Lightweight tiled roofs such as our Supalite and Guardian options have become a very popular option for our customers conservatories for good reason. We have listed here the clear advantages you will get from this choice :

1. Insulation: A tiled roof is typically 5 times more insulated than a glass or polycarbonate roof option

2. Heat protection: Due to the upto 150mm of solid insulation in our roofs the heat reduction is considerably more than the best sun protection glass available at present .

3. Longevity: Expected lifespans of our roofs are well above 40 years, or longer if tiles are replaced when required. A typical glass or polycarbonate roof lifespan is 13 years .

4. Noise reduction: The solid insulation and solid materials used are considerably better at sound insulating against rain noise etc compared to glass or polycarbonate .

5. Eliminate glair: a problem for conservatories with glass and polycarbonate roofs in sunny positions.

6. Maintenance: tiled conservatory roofs do not have the maintenance requirements of glass and polycarbonate roofs, so no need to climb ladders to clean dirty roofs.

7. virtually burglar proof: The roof iles are difficult to remove to gain entry

8. Fire escape: The roof can be walked on as a means of escape from a first floor wndow in an emergancy unlike glass or polycarbonate.