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......I would just like to thank you for all your help and co-operation with the planning of our conservatory.....The whole project was a delight to build and we are totally thrilled with the end result.....

M Clark, Clacton.

Just a quick note to say the conservatory was of excellent quality and the installation went perfect with the help of the installation guide which was very easy to understand. Myself and the wife are very pleased with it, so would just like to thank you for your excellent service......

Malcolm M Birmingham

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Low E Glazing Options For Our Conservatory and Orangery Windows, Doors and Roofs

Conservatory with Celsius 1 and Celsius Clear Glass

It is important these days to plan for at least a basic level of insulation in your new conservatory, orangery or extension project. There is a vast amount of information available now about the benefits of low emission glass or solar control glass. Prices vary for the various options itemised below, but are quite reasonable for just Low E glass with or without argon for the wall glazing for instance at 1.7u compared to 2.7u for plain double glazing ( a lower number is better when it comes to heat loss ). Comparative options are Pilkington K ( 1.7u), Planibel A (1.6u) and Planitherm Softcoat Low E (1.4u ). Please follow the links below for further information pages on the various glazing options available with our ranges of windows , doors and roofs.

Did you know that over 25% of the heat in your house escapes through your windows? 

Pilkington Low E Glazing Options for Conservatory Windows, Doors And Roofs

Pilkington glass is possibly the most popular and well recognised glazing range for domestic and commercial projects in the UK even after the introduction of a number of European companiesto this country.

Pilkington energy-efficient glass reduces your home and conservatories CO2 output, making your carbon footprint smaller and your home and conservatory more environmentally friendly, as well as reducing your fuel bills. click on the links above for specific information.

K2 Celsius Glass Low E Range for Conservatory Windows, Doors And Roofs

In keeping with their commitment to continued innovation, K2 has a stunning range of Celsius 'coated' smart glass that's perfect for use in conservatory windows, doors and glass roofs. Celsius glass that can help to keep homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter, whilst offering other benefits such as minimal maintenance, ease of cleaning and much more besides. Click on the page links above for more specific information.

Planibel A Low E Glass for Windows Doors and Roofs

Planibel A is a low-emissivity (LOW-E) hard coating which is an increasingly popular alternative to Pilkington k with a clean and clear coating finish and very good high performance.

Thanks to its solar factor (SF=71% in 4mm)and its Ug-value, Planibel A is the right choice in the so-called "heating dominant conditions".

Planibel A has exceptional features such as:

  1. FasT technology: the coating can be toughened on both sides (opposite and coating against rollers). Processing as easy as clear float (no need for convection)
  2. FasT toughening cycle: up to 25% improvement vs.alternative soft coatings
  3. One single version: toughenable or not. Can be used in single glazing, double glazing or laminated
  4. Improved resistance to scratches - no need for cover sheet
  5. No edge deletion
  6. Much longer shelf life (vs. a soft coating) ~ merchant product
  7. Neutral appearance
Planitherm Softcoat Low E Glass for Windows Doors and Roofs
Planitherm is a new generation of energy saving window glass that uses advanced soft coatings to retain more internal warmth than hard coatings whilst capturing free energy from natural daylight. That means lower energy bills compared to standard windows and hard coat low E glass.

Planitherm, your window installer should be able to give you A rated windows using the frame of your choice, for around the same cost as less energy efficient windows.

If you are planning to improve the insulation of your conservatory specification or replace your existing single glazed or double glazed windows, and you want the best possible choice for energy savings, ask for Planitherm.


The advantage of having Argon Gas between the panes of a double glazed sealed unit is that Argon transfers less heat than air does in a similar sealed unit. Argon has a lower u-value because it is denser that air which reduces heat loss across the cavity.

Argon filled windows in combination with Low E coatings have u-values ranging from 1.2 to 1.5 while air filled windows have u-values of about 2.7. For homes with a significant amount of window area, like most modern homes, this difference in the u-value can cut energy costs significantly.
When Argon is combined in a sealed unit with low emissivity glass, for example “K” Glass, the window often will achieve an A rating and score more highly than standard windows in a thermal efficiency audit such as is required under the new HIPS scheme for house sales.

Double glazing with Argon gas - The Benefits

Another obvious benefit of high quality double glazing is the reduction in energy costs and the reduction in energy consumption.

Because Argon Gas is denser than air there will also be an improvement in the acoustic performance of the double glazing which can be further enhanced through a choice of glazing combinations.

Ambi- Aqua Activ Glass

Ambi–Aqua is a superior glass roof product in the Ambience range with exceptional heat reflection capabilities. This high performance glass reflects 78% of the sun’s heat, reducing the internal temperature of a conservatory, particularly with a south facing aspect, by up to 9°C during the hottest summer months.

Ambi-Aqua also provides greater glare reduction, thanks to its visually stunning aqua tint.

In respect of innovation and style, Ambi-aqua is the most modern and reliable glass roof option that can offer much improved year round surroundings to live in.

Guardian High Insulation Tiled Roof Kits

We also offer Guardian solid tiled effect roofs with astounding u values of 0.18u as a roof replacement for your conservatory roof or as a new build option - ring us for more information or ask for a quote with our online quote request form accessed on the top menu.