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You are in good hands !

It is a common complaint from our customers when discussing their requirements that good advise has not been easy to find until they spoke to us, and quite often any advise given was simply wrong or had an alterior motive - ie pushing a product that the customer did not necessarily require or want at an inflated price.

It is important from an early stage that we get the message across that we are genuine and here to help and give good solid advise from the first contact, and then throughout our customers project from purchase all the way through to completion of their diy upvc conservatory project.

How do we qualify that we are a little different - please read our list:

1. We are not salespeople even though we are looking to supply you a conservatory or one of our other products - we are however experienced professional designers with many years experience of 'design and build ' who are allocated individually to your project throughout.

2. We have up to 30 years experience in design and build projects as well as conservatories.

3. We do not say that we manufacture our conservatories when quite plainly we do not - you would be surprised by how widespread this mis-information is and how deceitful when it comes to guarantee qualification.

4. We are clear from day one what products we supply and who the companies are that manufacture them , so that you can check the quality and standards of manufacture yourself - If it is a self named company product you have no way of knowing who makes it, or what quality you are buying other than the say so of the company sellng it - a conflict of interests if ever there was one.

5. We provide not only the quote you ask for - we also provide added pricing information about what we think you will need when sitting down and comparing quotes - such as glazing options and prices.

6. We provide as many design alternatives as required to show what is possible if our customers are unsure what design will work.

7. We will not promise a delivery date we cannot provide - a simple and often used ploy to gain business when someone requires a quick delivery.

8. We are always around and available by phone when your project is being constructed - ie weekends and evenings as well as office hours.

9. We give our customers credit for being able to decide what they want without being pestered to make a decision before they are ready, especially if we have done our job properly and placed all the information they need in front of them.

10. We may not be the cheapest quote in every situation but we will match like for like quotes - so it is always worth asking us what we can do.

11. We are not motivated by what can be bought cheap and sell for more profit - then recommend it to customers even though it is not the best option or what they asked for.

12. Our guarantees are easy to understand as they are manufacturers guarantees from large companies with a record of providing superb quality and after sales service.

13. Our manufacturers have dedicated technical support to help you with your project as well as quickly sort out if you require additional items or replacements. You will be a named customer on their list when purchasing, meaning they will know you if you contact them direct for help.

So put us to the test and see whether this list of statements is correct ! - ring us now and ask for a quote.