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Argon Gas added to Double Glazed Panels

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Argon - the benefits are clear

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Argon gas - a given on double glazed units

The advantage of having Argon Gas between the panes of a double glazed sealed unit is that Argon transfers less heat than air does in a similar sealed unit. Argon has a lower u-value because it is denser that air which reduces heat loss across the cavity.

Argon filled windows in combination with Low E coatings have u-values ranging from 1.2 to 1.5 while air filled windows have u-values of about 2.7. For homes with a significant amount of window area, like most modern homes, this difference in the u-value can cut energy costs significantly.

When Argon is combined in a sealed unit with low emissivity glass, for example “K” Glass, the window often will achieve an A rating and score more highly than standard windows in a thermal efficiency audit such as is required under the new HIPS scheme for house sales.

Double glazing with Argon gas - The Benefits

Another obvious benefit of high quality double glazing is the reduction in energy costs and the reduction in energy consumption. Because Argon Gas is denser than air there will also be an improvement in the acoustic performance of the double glazing which can be further enhanced through a choice of glazing combinations.