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Our Diy Prefabricated Home Extension Features

Reasons to buy our full extension kit

There are a number of good reasons for considering and buying a prefabricated home extension from us. We have detailed these below to simplify your decision making.

Confidence in what you are buying

Everyone has experience of buying something and not being happy with what they recieved. It is a considerable problem if that item is a conventional brick built house extension. What options are there to resolve this when the extension is built ? - very few options, and both problematic and costly is the answer typically .

Builders often are reluctant to go into too much detail as to how they are going to build an extension and hope the customer will assume they know what they are doing ! - there is no real regulation of builders to give peace of mind in this respect . Our system solves this problem .

No ambiguity on regs and planning

flexibility of design

Access and convenience

Limited waste removal and Speed of completion of the messy bits

Roof topping out speed is good

Building is a viable average diy'er option

No issues for hired trade option

customer prefab extension

Prefab Home Extension

Steel and Aluminium structure with real brick facings

More Details

Contact & Quotes

We provide an online free quick quote service for all of our ranges accessed on the top menu. If you need to discuss your project in more detail then ring us on 01452226290, or email us on our contact page enquiry form, again accessed on the top menu.