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Another Diy Prefabricated Home Extension Completed

A recent self-build prefabricated extension is completed by our customer

Another successful self build completion of one of our prefabricated extension kits using our Supalite , Durabase Plus and Veka Halo Systems.

We are really pleased also with the result ! - Philip had never built something like this before, but was a good diyer, and enthusiastic to save money by taking on the build himself . It is clear from his email that he and is wife are proud of what they have achieved even though it took a little longer than anticipated due to their small family addition !

An email thanks from our customer after finalising the building regulations certificate through JHAI after completion of his build :

Many thanks for sorting the last part out, very much appreciated. If any body my Neck of the woods want to see what this kind of extension looks like, we will gladly  Show them. As you can see we have a little addition to the family, our son Darwin, everything went into slow mode when he appeared on the scene ! - Philip

customer prefab extension

Prefab Home Extension

Steel and Aluminium structure with real brick facings

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